From every single bus stop and taxi rank to train station and ferry port – imagine all this information mapped and recorded for the public. This is what NPTDR or the “National Public Transport Data Repository” has done in the past few years.


The NPTDR is UK’s largest ever transport dataset and it lets you know where every airport, train station, bus stop and other travel points are. Not just that but it also provides information on how these travel points are being used. You can find out places that have the lowest bus stops to those that have the most. This opens up possibilities previously not accessible to the public. Imagine having a Scotland Yard kind of map in possession that you can use with 100% accuracy – what possibilities right?

We have direct access to schemes that other parties don’t. We have access to the Motor Trade database, and the MID. These databases help us and insurers to combat potential fraud, and to ensure that public transportation vehicles are always within the law when it comes to being insured. We work with partners such as One Sure Insurance, to determine whether new insurance policies are needed for fleets of buses, taxis and trains. We use One Sure for a variety of policies, including but not limited to; public liability, employers liability, motor traders insurance and HGV insurance.

Wasn’t Always Public Property

If you haven’t yet heard of NPTDR then you are among millions who are yet unaware of the magnitude of such as task. Why were you not aware? Because, until recently this massive project was hidden from the public’s eye thanks to restrictions on commercial usage and pre-registration gimmicks.

All that has finally changed and it is mostly thanks to data.gov.uk and the conservative-liberal coalition. But the question really is, why is this such a big deal? Why does all this information really matter to the masses?